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Hoosier Auto Racing Fans (HARF) had their 55th Presentation Banquet on January 21, 2007 honoring champion drivers.

HARF is one of the oldest racing fan clubs in American history, dedicated to promoting better understanding of the sport of auto racing, better sportsmanship within the ranks of auto racing and with the goal of doing everything possible to improve the sport of auto racing.

HARF, in order to recognize people who made outstanding contributions to the sport of auto racing, established the HARF Hall of Fame in 1951. Other awards have been established over the years to recognize the efforts of the drivers, the mechanics and even the fans.

Other awards include:

The HARF Pat O’Connor Award
Presented for the first time in 1968, this award is made only when the Executive Board of HARF Officers feels there is a Midwest driver who lives up to the spirit and ideals on which the award is based. Among the criteria are devotion, cooperation and attitude toward fellow competitors, race fans, officials and all those connected with the sport.

The Gene Powlen Fan Appreciation Award
Established in 1963, this award honors the memory of Gene Powlen, one of the founding members of HARF as well as recognizes the contribution of a racing fan to the sport of auto racing.

The Jimmy Caruthers Memorial Most Improved Driver Award
This award honors the memory of the courageous champion Jimmy Caruthers.Other awards…

  • HARF Sportsmanship Award
  • Driver of the Year
  • HARF Mechanic of the Year
  • HARF Billy Marvel Jr. Hoosier Sprint Car Rookie-of-the-Year Award
  • HARF First Year Driver Award
  • HARF Jack Gladback Media Award

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